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Regional Associates for Community Initiatives

Regional Associates for Community Initiatives (RACI), a company limited by guarantee, was founded by Dr. David Dronyi, Baguma Christopher and Lina Zedriga in response to the failure of government to adequately provide basic services to its citizens, the disconnect between civil society and the primary grassroots stakeholders, the insensitivity of the 'invisible hand' of the market to the needs of especially the rural population and the limitation of NGOs, bilateral and multilateral organizations to effect development. The orientation of RACI is towards the inclusion of grassroots populations in determining their destiny in dignity and the opportunity to offer original thinking and innovative approaches to democracy and good governance in Africa.


Able, Willing & Equal


"Assertive, Powerful people who are socially, economically and politically literate"


"Advancing grassroots awareness, full and equal participation in Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance and the Rule of Law"

Raci Core Values

Our work is based on the following values Team work Innovation Integrity Participation